Frequently Asked Questions

Even the retirement plan industry is a bit vague on what a financial plan actually is. Our mission is to define it and set the standard.

See our short video that explains what a financial plan is.

No, we accept people in all phases of life and treat them the same.  We work to improve your understanding of financial planning and portfolio management.  Because we are paid for our time, not how much money you have, we are not incentivized to spend more or less time with you due to the amount of assets you have.

Future U Financial, Inc. is licensed with the State of Oklahoma as a Registered Investment Advisor.  We take the fiduciary duty to a new standard by offering a consulting only platform in order to put our clients first.  The goal is to reduce any real or perceived conflicts of interest.


In an era of data for sale, Future U believes people will pay a nominal fee for non-biased advice.  We do not sell data or accept any money from money managers or advertising companies.  We are a pure pay-to-play platform for the retail investor.


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